Command Prompt can do many odd functions, much more than you acutally thought. You can even open folders and files using Command Prompt. Although, no one uses a Command Prompt command to open files and folders, but let’s have a look at the fun tips. You can also do it, if you know there is a file or folder of a particular name but you cannot find them.

Steps To Open Files Using Command Prompt

For opening files using command prompt, you have to move to the correct folder, or else provide the full path to the file.

cd path-to-folder

In my case, it would be

cd C:\Users\wayto\Documents

Command Prompt will always open the file in the default app. You can open the file in any other app. In this case, the syntax will be

Path-to-app app-EXE-name path-to-file FileName.FileExtension

Steps To Open Folder Using Command Prompt

start %windir%\explorer.exe path-to-folder

Steps To Close File Using Command Prompt

taskkill /im filename.exe /t

That’s all!

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