Modern desktop browsers have included a new option in their right click context menu which enables the search entries to be directly transferred to the mentioned search engine. Google search engine is so far the most popular and sought after search engine, and hence the “Search Google” Option in the right click context menu is of immense importance.

The “Search Google” option is not available in case of Microsoft Edge browser. We all know the reason, Microsoft search is powered by Bing, i.e., Bing is the default search engine. Hence, Microsoft Edge browser doesn’t have the Search Google option in their right click context menu.

microsoft edge

Hence, if you use Microsoft Edge browser and want the Search google option in your browser’s right click context menu. A guy has developed an extension and uploaded it in Github. It’s called Google Context Menu Edge. First, open Microsoft Edge browser and go to about:flags. Then enable the developer feature extension.

You can then download Google Context Menu Edge extract it. Open Edge and click the More button and go to Extensions. Click ‘Load Extension’ and select the folder the extension is in.

That’s it. Now as you open Microsoft Edge and right click , you will find the Search Google option in the right click Context menu.


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