Windows has a very popular Social networking app called the People. Since having an Outlook or Live Mail is mandatory for Windows 10 users, you may like to import contacts from Outlook to People. The steps are very simple and you can import your Outlook contacts into People app very easily.

Steps to import contacts from Outlook to People app in Windows 10

1. First open People app. Now tap on the Options menu (three dots) and go to on Settings.


2. Tap on Add an Account.

Add an Account

3. Next choose the mail account from which you want to import your contacts.We have selected Outlook here.

import from outlook

4. Enter your Live account credentials and sign in. Your contacts from Outlook will be imported to People app.

contact imported


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  1. Janice, been working on this for hours. Finally works. I saved my contact in CSV format, created and uploaded them to, then in the Windows 10 people app I added account, chose, signed in with same Microsoft account, and they instantly appeared in my people app as well as the windows 10 mail account. I also imported them in the people live app, but I couldn’t get those to move over to the other people app.

  2. I have my outlook email in Windows 10 Mail. Get emails OK. But none of my contacts transferred. How do I do this?


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