China seems to have befriended Microsoft again and now the company is again pushing its product in the country. There was a time when China alleged Microsoft and many other US based companies for producing internal data to NSA after which China kind of banned all foreign products which included popular anti virus companies. With the introduction of Windows 10 in the last week of July, Microsoft’s situation in the country has improved for the right reasons.

Baidu will become the default search engine for Edge Browser on Windows 10

Microsoft is eager in flourishing its Windows 10 market which has already hit the 10 million club. Hence Microsoft has carefully chosen to partner with China’s most popular search Engine Baidu. Baidu will run on Windows 10’s standalone modern era web browser Microsoft Edge. Microsoft said:

“We remain deeply committed to delivering Bing around the world and we’re also committed to offering locally relevant experiences – like Baidu in China – to provide great Windows 10 experiences.”

Microsoft will include specially customized features in Edge web browser that will work in correspondence with Baidu. will be the default web page. Baidu will be the default search engine in Microsoft Edge too. The company will also roll out a new app call Windows Express app which will be exclusively for users in China. This application will help them to get Windows 10 on their PC in a more user friendly way.


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