China has been trying to shift its computer OS from Windows to its own operating system when Microsoft discarded its more than a decade old Windows XP operating system. Since then China has been trying to develop its own operating system from scratch. The Chinese government thus started collaborating with Linux based developers in order to develop their own operating system. But it was seen that starting a new operating system from scratch was not feasible and the enthusiasm of building a new OS would rise up for some days and them sublime like anything.

The difficulty was not only from practical feasibility but also from the restrictions in adaptibility of users. It would be overtly difficult for users to adapt to a completely new OS all of a sudden. So looking at all the constraints, China planned on rebuilding their own version of Windows XP based on Linux.

NeoKylin will have a User Interface with a Start Menu, Media Center, Taskbar, Jump List and Linux counterparts to games such as Minesweeper. There will be a lot of similarities in the UI and overall system and will also include ‘My Computer’ ‘Control Panel’, etc. We have seen that most of countries used to have their Government sectors using the Windows XP OS. Microsoft quit the OS a year back. Hence China made a Linux version of Windows XP in order to keep up with the people’s convenience by intruding NeoKylin.


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