Technology has ever since played a crucial role in any organization, be it the government, the capitalist, or the nonprofit organizations. It makes things easier, faster, and gives any entity the capacity to have a wider reach to the world’s population.

But as useful as technology can be, the risks when IT systems are compromised or fail can wreak havoc in any company’s operations and can even cause tens of millions of pounds. Safeguarding it is an investment that business owners and corporates don’t ignore. 

So how do you keep your invisible network of communication and information healthy? Please read on.

Practical Methods in Safeguarding Your IT systems

Build a Competent IT team

There’s no one like a team that knows the intricate details of how backlinks, HTML codes, algorithms, and what-not works. IT experts at EC-MSP recommend you to have an IT team on standby if you have at least 150 users using your servers, and online software on a daily basis. It will be a struggle if you got only one or two IT guys that show up for work to fix everybody’s computer glitch. 

Aside from the usual computer glitches, you would need to have a team to set up the network of cables to connect to your employees’ computers and other devices. They would also need to implement fail-safes to contain the risk to a portion of the system in case of failure or hacks.

Protect With Passwords

Passwords still work in the realm of virtual dependency. The recommended combination of passwords is mixing upper and lower case letters, numerals, and special characters. In case of a brute force attack, the password would be very difficult to decipher as there are a lot of combinations to try and break the code. Also, birthdays, names, and other easy-to-guess words are not advisable for secure passcodes.

Provide Basic Training

There have been countless IT system failures and compromises because of human errors or carelessness. Train your people on the basics of protecting their files and the company’s IT infrastructure. Security protocols such as document-disposal procedures, clicking unknown sources, opening unknown email attachments. These simple acts can compromise your system and can even leave your company’s records vulnerable to any predator. So, built a corporate culture that emphasizes computer security to keep your company away from potential hacks, failures, and compromises.

Keep Sensitive Data Out of the Cloud

Though the Cloud is a great way of making things more efficient and accessible, it poses many dangers when it comes to protecting your company’s most sensitive files. You can just opt to put those on paper and have it reprinted if anyone needs it. That way, no one can ever get a hold of it except for a deliberate attempt to run down your office.

IT systems have been very gracious of their gifts for an efficient and more accessible means of handling any business and organization. However, this is not without risk. To minimize and even prevent these risks, you could take steps to ensure that you protect your company and your client’s valuable information and interests.


Nick is a Software Engineer. He has interest in gadgets and technical stuffs. If you are facing any problem with your Windows, feel free to ask him.


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