Security questions is an added layer of security for any of your online account, device, email, etc. If you forget your password, then you can always reset it by answering security questions. This is the fundamental purpose of security questions and they are not at all useless. But nowadays for operating systems like Windows 10, you have to login to your device using your Microsoft Live account. So, if you forget that password, you can change it online using any other device and not necessarily that device. So, in that case, you may decide not to rely on security questions. You have the option to turn off the feature if you do not require it. 

There is no harm in keeping the security question turned on. It will not harm you if not benefit you overtly. Still, we shall show you how to disable security question on Windows 10. The process deploys simple PowerShell scripts but you have to take refuge to a third party application.

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Steps To Disable Security Questions On Windows 10

1.First, download the PS1 file from this Github repository. Now move the file to a folder which is not in the local drive. So, avoid saving it on the Desktop or on the Downloads. 

2. Now, open PowerShell with Administrative privileges. You can simply search it in the Cortana search panel. First, run the CD command to move the PowerShell file to the folder where you downloaded the file.  Now, run the following command.


This will disable the security questions. The script works in a particular way. It can run only with the answer of the security question, that is the answer. So, the syntax is something like this:

Update-AllUsersQA -answer SecretAnswer

Now replace the SecretAnswer with the secret answer of your preference. This will set this particular answer for all questions. 

If you want to turn on the service back, then run the command with the -answer parameter. The same answer will be set and you can change the answers individually via the Settings app.  


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