Writing essays, books, journals and thesis are some of the important aspects in academic life of any person. A college student or a University student knows the importance of a good essay. A strong write up can help you get admission in the best of colleges, because the essay is the only source, which gives the educators and professors, an insight of your knowledge and potential. So, academic writings need to be taken seriously. Most students, who use Windows operating system have plenty of flexible and feature rich software applications in their reach. 

For academic writing, there are certain software applications, you must have on your Windows PC. These include a well-structured text editor software, a proper grammar checking software, productivity enhancement software to nullify distractions, etc. In this article, we shall talk about 5 software applications for Windows platform that can be great companions of yours. 

Check Out These 5 Windows Software For Academic Writing

MS Word

There is probably no person who hasn’t heard of Microsoft Word. It is the only software that was available when no other software was there. Microsoft Word is the most widely used word processor software application. Millions of users use this software for their academic writing, professional writing and personal purpose. It is feature rich, provides a plethora of fonts, writing formats, document formats like plain format, single line format, book format journal format, etc. It comes with a variety of options on style, design , layouts, tables, indents, etc. It has an in-built spelling checker that eases up your writing effort. 

If you want variety in formatting, then there is nothing like Microsoft Word. The software is a paid one. If MS Office comes pre-installed with the Windows computer you purchased, then you have MS Word for free. 


OneNote is a note taking application that comes along with Windows software. This is not a conventional book or academic writing software, but serves as a great support. It accumulates short notes, tips, handwritten or types notes, drawing, charts, screenshots, screen clippings, audio commentaries. The purpose of this software is to quickly take down notes. Later on, you can gather information from the notes and create your writing on a productive word processing software.  

OneNote creates notebooks where all notes are saved in form of pages. It lets you create pages of arbitrary sizes, insert bitmap images without degrading quality. It also allows you to scribble notes along with your friends and treat it like a whiteboard. OneNote is absolutely free.

Open Office

Open Office is a free word editing software that can be considered as a humble version of MS Word. It is free of cost, has a lot of features but not that well designed. You can save the final document in doc format so it becomes compatible with MS Word. 

Open Office is indeed a great option if you do not have the budget to spend on MS Office or other paid software applications. You can always use this for basic academic works, which do not require heavyweight formatting.


Freedom is not a word processing application but a productivity enhancing application whose motive is to curb all distractions by blocking certain websites. Freedom lets you start sessions where you can block websites like social media sites, for a certain time period until you finish your work. Freedom offers paid service of monthly or lifetime tenure.


This is an exceptionally useful word editing and processing software that are useful mainly for writing books and novels. It provides you the features to write your book in chapters, calculate the word count and organize the chapters to create a compact book. yWriter is absolutely free of cost.


These are five out of the enormous collections of word editors and processors. Other than these, you will also need a grammar checking software, like Grammarly, Pro Writing Aid, Ginger, etc. You can also take help of proof reading software and copy and spam checking tools like Copyscape.   If you need help in creating your content, you can take help of 
essay writing services like

That’s all for now. Hope this article helped you!


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