In Windows operating system, the default account with which you have first signed in is an Administrator account. The Administrator Account actually has the full control over your PC. An Administrator user can change all settings and access all program files. A standard User can use all software, files and folders but not some internal settings. If you do not wish to grant full rights to all users, you should create a Standard Account. A user Account can be changed from Administrator to Standard User and vice versa. The following tutorial will help you to determine if a user account is administrator or standard. The subsequent steps will guide you to change from one form to another.

How to Determine if User Account is an Administrator or Standard User in Windows 10?

1. Open Control Panel and go to User Accounts.

User Accounts

2. Again go to User Accounts. Now check the User Account with which you are logged in. If you see the Administrator tag below your name, then the account is an Administrator Account. Otherwise it is a Standard account. This is the simplest step to check.


How to change the User Account type from Standard to Administrator?

3. Repeat step 1 and 2. Now click Manage another account.

manage-another account

4. Click on Change Account Type.

Change Account Type

5. Now check the option Administrator. Tap on Change Account Type. Your changes will be saved.

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