Microsoft Edge has come to the Windows users as a fresh air of pleasant changes. Microsoft Edge replaced the old Internet Explorer along with the advent of Windows 10 and to be true users are quite happy with the new browser. Unlike Internet Explorer, Edge is not at all slow! Besides providing a fast browsing experience, Edge browser brought a plethora of new features. You can edit a web page, highlight its content, put diagrams, take screenshot of a particular area and paste it anywhere else on the page and then save it like that in your reading list. You can create web notes like this and dump all your offline readable content in the Hub section. You can read more about Microsoft Edge from our tutorial sections. In this article, you will learn how to customize the homepage topics and language in Edge.

Steps to customize your favorite topics in Microsoft Edge

1. First launch Microsoft Edge. Then look for the option Customize somewhere at the top right corner of the Edge browser.

customize edge

2. Now you will find options for language. Select the language in which you want to view all the content.

Select language

3. Now tap on your favorite topics and these topics will appear on the Microsoft Edge homepage. Finally hit Save to save the changes



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