Microsoft Word is one of the most versatile and the most popular word editor applications. It is full of features, variety and a compact companion of any person working with documents and word editors.

Newsletter formats are often used in writing thesis and journals. We have seen how texts are printed on newspaper. They are written column by column, i.e., the entire document is split into two or more columns. The same applies to research papers, journals, thesis, books, magazines, etc. In magazines, there are as many as three columns. So, students who are perplexed about how to write a document in thesis format or newspaper format will find this article helpful. The process of creating a document in newsletter form is very simple. Either you can choose the setting before starting to write the article or first write it and then apply the layout of the entire document.

You can choose the width and spacing of your columns or simply use one of the preset formats.

Check out the article:

Open a word document, new or an already written one. Click on the Layout tab located on the top panel.


The fourth option from the left is Columns. Click on it. You will find a drop down menu open. Choose the number of columns you want. Here, I chose 2.   

choose columns

The entire document is converted into the preset format of newsletter.

preset format

If you want to set custom columns for the newsletter format, then click on More Columns. Then select the width, number of columns, spacing, etc. You can also choose if the changes are to be applied to the entire document of from that point onward.

customization of newsletter format

That’s all!


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