If a business needs one thing to succeed in this day and age, it is a powerful online presence. It doesn’t matter what line of work you’re in and what you’re selling, because people will still be looking for your services online. From plumbers to dentists, every business needs SEO strategies in place and some form of presence on social media to interact with people. One particular industry that started catching up on the importance of online marketing means is legal services. If a person wants a divorce or personal injury lawyer, they will look for them online not in the yellow pages. The catch, though, is in having a great-looking website to generate leads.

Here is how you can do that:

Focus on Your Brand 

There are probably dozens of law firms operating in the same area as yours. This is why you need to stand out. You can start doing that by making sure that your logo and law firm name are visible and always seen on the website. Those are your brand, and you want that brand to stick around in people’s minds. If you do that properly, people will start recognizing your law firm name and logo everywhere, whether that is on social media or the news. Needless to say, this is great for earning trust and ensuring your brand is viewed as credible. So, in short, make sure you plaster your logo and law firm name –– elegantly rather than intrusively –– around your website. It should even be in the URL so that the name would be the first thing that people see.

Invest in the Design 

The design of your website is one area you don’t want to save money in. Any investment you make in the quality of the design will see a significant ROI when you start generating leads because people are impressed by your website. As explained by web developers in this article, your law firm’s website has to be inviting and easy to navigate, because the design says a lot about the firm and the kind of services it provides. People don’t really put their trust in lawyers that didn’t take the time to create a simple, visually appealing website. There are plenty of factors to consider to make that happen, like whether or not your website is accessible from a mobile device –– which is critical since most people use their smartphones to search and view different websites. 

Leverage SEO

Implementing search engine optimization strategies aren’t really a luxury, but rather a must if you want people to find your website. SEO is how you rank higher on a search engine, and in turn, become visible to those in search of legal services. People trust the first few websites that appear in the search results, and they view them as the most credible/reliable, so you need to be among those. Leveraging SEO techniques means improving your site’s loading speed, for starters, which is critical since users rarely stay on a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. It also means making the navigation easy and seamless, so users wouldn’t spend minutes trying to find the ‘contact us’ tab or something. 

Add Testimonials 

While this isn’t exactly a technical design aspect, it is one of the most important angles to having an appealing law firm website. People look for reviews on any service or product they are about to pay for, and legal services are no exception. When prospects find testimonials from previous clients, it puts their heart at ease and ensures that they are dealing with a trustworthy law firm that has nothing to hide. A review section adds a ton of credibility to any brand, and this is why you need to have it in your website design. 

Add High-Quality Images 

Adding high-quality images are crucial if you want to create a visually appealing law firm website. For starters, a lot of attorneys add images of the team or the top management, because it inspires confidence and trust. People like putting faces to the names and words they see; adding high-quality images of those people reassures site visitors somehow. It adds a sort of human touch to the coldness of an online platform, which people do appreciate. 

The legal industry is one of the most competitive ones out there, and it is not easy to stand out among the competition. The best way you can do that is by investing time, effort, and money into making your law firm’s website the best it can be, since this is the first thing that potential leads will see of your firm. That first impression is everything if you want to turn site visitors into actual leads. 



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