5 Tips To Boost Your Home Wi-Fi Signal

VPN is the acronym for virtual private network, where a private network is encrypted and covered under a layer of added security across a public network. With VPN, an internet user can enjoy surfing internet without any fear of data compromise, phishing, hacking, etc. A Virtual Private Network is created by establishing a virtual connection between the source point and the receiver point with the aid of tunneling protocols. In simple words, your network internet is channelized. The VPN system can be classified based on tunneling protocol, a termination point of the tunnel, topology of connections, OSI layer, etc. If you subscribe to a VPN connection, you can enjoy surfing with enhanced security, overcome any restriction of geographical location of the user, prevent any interference of hackers, etc. Since, network security is jeopardized by notorious security threats, the use of VPNs is no longer a choice, but a necessity for all internet users. There are plenty of reliable VPN services. Before investing on a VPN connection, make sure you research and read VPN reviews in order to gain a sound knowledge on various services.

Here are 5 reasons, why VPN is important for every internet user.

1. Secure Communication

Nowadays, communication is not just restricted to emails, SMS and chatting. Communication is evolving every single moment, and there is a plethora of cross platform messaging services like Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram where users share their messages, photos, videos with other users. While WhatsApp chats are end-to-end encrypted, not every messaging platform is tightly secured. In such scenarios, you can use VPN service, to encrypt your internet activity. Another important point to mention here is the VoIP. VoIP is the acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol. VoIP enables voice calling facility over internet at reduced cost, as compared to telephone or mobile phone lines. Tapping or eavesdropping in phone lines is quite common and can be done without any difficulty. Digital voice calling can also be compromised by malwares and botnets. If you use VPN, your VoIP calls will also pass through the tunnel and the data will remain secured and encrypted, and it requires immensely tedious decryption process to access any information.

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2. Overcome Restrictions of Geographical Locations and Location Based Price Target

You know, different country has different regulations and rules. While some content is legal in one country, it might be illegal in some other countries. To overcome this online censorship, you can use VPN. Not just censorship, but online content also varies from one geographical location to another. Example, if you use Netflix, you know you will get to watch different content in different countries. So, if you are traveling to a different country, but want to watch content from your country, use VPN. Again, price of apps and subscriptions vary from region to region. If you are staying in USA and want to subscribe to a streaming app of India, then your subscription charge will be higher, as you belong to “Outside India” users category. But if you use a VPN, and select India as the location, then you have to pay only the subscription charge an Indian user would pay.

3. Safety while Making Online Transactions Or Playing Online Games

VPN protects your confidential information like your username, password, CVV number, while you are making an online payment, with an added layer of security. Online games can also find certain benefits with the use of VPN. When I used to play Farmville a decade ago, I found that many players had some amazing colorful unicorns roaming in their farms, while I had only bulls and chickens. At that time, I was not aware of geo-blocking and neither did I know about VPN. Even now, if you play online games, you must be aware that certain countries, like USA and UK always get special offers, better gifts, more coins in the game. So, a great solution to avail those things, is use a VPN and select the particular country as your location. Even though playing games in VPN connection is not a convenient option, but it greatly reduces the chance of DDoS attacks. So, if you are threatened by any game rival, then you can use VPN.

VPN security

4. Protects Confidential Data At Workplace

As we know multinational companies, banks and almost every industry is rapidly undergoing digitalization. Hence, the online activity is gaining momentum. This opens a huge scope for perpetrators to access unauthorized data. This is not just done by individual hackers, but also big companies. You must be taken aback, but it’s true. Big companies often try to compromise data of its competitor companies, or even try to access their competitors’ confidential information to know about their future products, plans and services. VPN is thus widely used to preserve the integrity of data.

5. Prevent Tracking By Search Engines Or Govt Agencies

If you have read a bit about network security and tracking, you might have read about invasion of privacy. Yes, with being online 24×7, you are tracked continuously by either any secret spy agency of a Government of bigshots like Google. Each and every time you open an app, you get warning, if you want to allow the app to access your location, phone number, etc. You accept it without thinking about its consequence. As a result, wherever you are traveling, or the place you are checking in, everything is tracked and recorded. A simple example is Google Maps. If you have ever fidgeted with the app, you can find you are a contributor and have contributed information about many places you have travelled. This is quite alarming. If you are an official who wants to withhold these details, then the best solution is using VPN. You can access internet, public internet and surf anytime anywhere, without being tracked.

Hope you get a clear idea why VPN is now a necessity.


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