System Information File or MSINFO, as the name says always provides an in-depth information about your system. The file contains all vital information about your system and is often used to analyse if your system fails. It’s important to know that MSINFO.nfo file is usually included in the logs created by the DM Log Collector while using BSOD Posting Instructions. In any unlikely event, when the file goes missing, it will be requested by the analyst whi will analyse your computer BSODs. The NFO files are usually large, so you may need to compress the file into a zip file for sharing with your analyst.

Steps to Create a System Information File in Windows 10

1. Open Cortana and type System Information in the search bar. When the result appears click on System Information.

system information

2. Now click on File at the top left corner, and go to Save.

file save

3. Now choose Desktop as the location for saving the file. Name it and you will notice that the file extension is .NFO. Click on Save.

set file name

4. The computer will start creating the file. You will get the notification Refreshing System Information.

refreshing system info

5. The file will be created on the Desktop.

system information file created


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