Earlier today Microsoft published in one of its websites that it will discontinue the support of Bitcoins from all its payment options. The news created an undaunted brouhaha as Bitcoin is one of the most trusted encrypted currency. The reason was also unknown as why Microsoft took a sudden decision. The news also came as a shocker to Bitcoin who was also probably unaware of the matter.

Microsoft clarified it will continue to support Bitcoin after wrong info was released

However, when asked for comment, Microsoft soon realized its mistake and clarified that the company will still continue transactions via Bitcoins and apologized for the inaccurate information that has been published already. Even though users are now taking a sigh of relief but it’s surprising how such a rumor got published from the company’s own site.

The news website The Verge talked to a Microsoft spokesperson regarding the matter. “We continue to support Bitcoin for adding money to your Microsoft Account which can be used for purchasing content in the Windows and Xbox stores,” a Microsoft spokesperson said in a statement. “We apologize for inaccurate information that was inadvertently posted to a Microsoft site, which is currently being corrected.”


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