Charter Spectrum is the tradename for Spectrum services, which cover all cable, internet, TV streaming services. Charter Spectrum routers are widely used among customer. Spectrum does not charge any monthly rental fee for their modems. This means, if you rent modems from them, you do not need to pay any extra bucks as rental. All you need to pay for, is the Wi-Fi plans. There is a plethora of subscription plans based on the speed, data limit, data usage, etc. However, if you want you can always choose to purchase a suitable router for yourself. Here is a well-researched Spectrum routers guide, if you are planning to buy a router instead of renting. If you are not aware about the technical aspects of a router, such as, which router is compatible to your internet connection, what power should be there, then it is better to rent the modem from them, especially when it is absolutely free of cost. Besides, Spectrum also provides a free anti-virus, which is another great reason to avail the facility.

In this article, I shall show you a simple tutorial, on how to set up and configure your Spectrum modem, all by yourself.

Different Components Of Spectrum Modem

The Charter Spectrum modem comes with some specific components, inside the box. These are:

Configure Your Charter Spectrum Router Or Modem

1. A modem

2. Two set of coaxial cables.

3. A 2-way splitter

4. A Power Cord

5. An Ethernet cable

6. User manual

Steps to Set Up And Configure A Spectrum Router

1. First, find out the Coaxial cable. Connect one end to the cable outlet, and the other end to the port of the modem, where it fits.

Configure Your Charter Spectrum Router Or Modem

2. This is okay, if you just want it to connect to the modem. But if you also have a voice and Tv service, then you will need the Splitter. Connect one end of the coaxial cable to the cable outlet, and the other end to the input port of the Splitter. From the output ports of the Splitter, the two other coaxial cables will be there to connect to the input ports of the respective modem and Spectrum receiver.

Configure Your Charter Spectrum Router Or Modem

3. Next, plug the modem to power with the Power cord. Connect the compatible end of the Power cord to the modem and the other end to the Power supply outlet. Once done, switch on the power supply. Wait for 2 to 5 minutes and the modem will finally power up.  

Configure Your Charter Spectrum Router Or Modem

4. Next, take out the ethernet cable. Connect one end to the ethernet cable to the modem, and the other end to ethernet port of your computer or the Wi-Fi router.

Configure Your Charter Spectrum Router Or Modem

5. The setup is almost done. Now visit, either from your mobile or from your computer. Click on Get Started, and input all valuable information that comes across the screen. Finally, click on Activate to complete the activation process.

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