Some businesses rely on performing their tasks online, while others complete work in the real world. Either way, companies usually depend on some kind of integrated computer system to keep track of client records, assign daily tasks, and communicate with team members.

No matter if your business has a hundred employees or just a small team, everyone should be using the latest and greatest Windows 10 released in 2015. Some companies are reluctant to upgrade. They believe it takes too much time out of their day. Plus, it costs money to upgrade in most circumstances. Other companies don’t think it’s necessary to make the switch if their computers are working just fine.

However, you should note that Microsoft ended all support for Windows 7 on January 14th of this year. Windows 8 will see a similar fate in early 2023.

While you may think you don’t have the time or resources to upgrade your business’s software, you should definitely make it a priority. By making this upgrade, you will gain access to a longer support period.

Here are 5 more reasons why your business should upgrade to Windows 10.

  • Safer Web Browsing

If your business opts for Windows 10 Enterprise or Professional, you will get the Windows Defender Application Guard. This protects you and your employees if anyone on your team accidentally visits a website with malicious content. If a company computer contracts malware, it won’t inflict damage on it or your business’s network, as it will be contained by the Windows Defender Application Guard.

  • More Color Options

Windows 10 has more color options than any previous software. By going to the “Personalization” tab under Settings, you’ll find an option that says “Colors.” Here, you and your staff have the creative freedom to change how you view your computer screen. There are Light, Dark, and Custom modes to choose from.

Being able to view enhanced colors is important for the creation of graphics and choosing what content you want to display on electronic billboards like VisualLed screens. With earlier versions of Windows, you don’t have this sharpened sense of color that Windows 10 brings to the table.

  • A Personal Assistant

Cortana is Microsoft’s personal assistant, and it’s available with Windows 10. You and your employees can speak commands like “Hey, Cortana, take a note” or “Hey Cortana, launch Chrome.”

This personal assistant can increase productivity in the workplace and create a more relaxing office environment. It grants users a break from typing and clicking all day.

Cortana can also bring a lot of benefits to smaller office environments. If you choose to do so, this personal assistant can be set up to work with smart devices like heating systems and lightbulbs.

  • An Informative Action Center

While Windows 7 briefly featured a basic notifications feature, it wasn’t available soon after its release. Windows 10 provides a new and improved Action Center where you can view notifications in real-time.

The Action Center will display notifications from your email and apps, as well as ones regarding system updates. Your employees can use this handy feature to stay in the loop and never miss a work meeting or scheduled phone call.

  • More User-Friendly Start Menu

Our final reason to upgrade to Windows 10 is to experience the user-friendly smart menu. In Windows 8, Microsoft replaced the beloved Start menu with a Start screen. Most users generally didn’t like this change, and Microsoft changed it back in Windows 10. However, the new Start Menu features a tile-based component that allows the OS to remain touch-based. 



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