How to Choose the Right Budget Computer Speakers?

Finding the right computer speakers might not be a straightforward endeavor, especially if you’re looking to buy on a budget. After all, there are so many cheap speaker models available in the market and without due diligence, you could end up with a mediocre sound system.

Let us look at crucial pointers to consider when searching for the right budget computer speakers.

2.0 VS 2.1 Speakers

A 5.1 multi-channel sound system may sound appealing to anyone shopping for computer speakers. But even if you get a deal for under $100, you can’t expect much from them in terms of quality. Rather, why not go for a two-speaker system; you’ll get better quality in that. These are simple stereo setups consisting of just the right and left speakers with a single driver in each. 

Occasionally, you may be lucky enough to find a good 2.1 set, which includes a pair of speakers for high-frequency sound and a separate subwoofer to handle the bass. These provide a more balanced sound and would be a better choice if you had to choose between 2.0 and 2.1 speaker sets. 

How to Choose the Right Budget Computer Speakers?

Functionality and Compatibility

You want to check whether the speaker you’re about to buy is compatible with more than just a computer. For instance, there are times where you may want to play some music from your TV, radio, or even smartphone. So, are the speakers Bluetooth or Wi-Fi-enabled, etc.?


Generally, accessories that are included in the speaker package do not in any way influence the quality of the sound system. However, they can prove to be very convenient when you start using the speakers. For instance, having a remote control will save you countless trips to the speakers every time you want to turn up the volume or switch off the speakers.


Computers are very versatile devices! You may find yourself listening to music on your PC speakers, watching a movie, or even playing games with your buddies. As such, you need versatile speakers that can be configured to fit different uses. For example, surround sound would be valuable when watching a blockbuster movie but not necessary when checking out YouTube clips. 

Portability and Adaptability

You may want to have the perfect setup for your PC speakers in your house when you’ve just bought them. However, something might come up that prompts you to shift to a different location. In this case, you want speakers that can easily be disconnected and set up once again without getting messed up. 

Sound Quality

How to Choose the Right Budget Computer Speakers?

Some people make the mistake of deciding to buy a product after merely going through the manufacturer’s specs and getting seduced by the quality on paper. This is something you should always avoid rather, allow your ears to guide your decision. 

It’s always wise to test the speakers by listening to see whether or not there is a good balance between the treble, mid, and low frequencies. In many cases, speakers tend to exaggerate one (mostly the bass or treble) at the expense of others. The right speaker system should produce a full detailed sound, just the way the creator planned it. 

Nevertheless, take note that finding a strong bass reproduction at such a price range may be a tall order. Since they don’t come with a subwoofer, 2.0 sets struggle to handle low-frequency sounds. What manufacturers do is to use technological tweaks to boost the bass notes, although the resulting sound can be “boomy” and mess up the overall mix. 

If you are looking for deep sound reproduction in your speakers, then a 2.1 set may be the better option. Also, people prefer different music genres. Therefore, you might want to try out the speakers to see if they reproduce the sound of your preferred music the way you want them to. 

AC Power Vs. USB

Both AC and USB powered speakers are common in the under $100 price range. Generally, USB speakers reduce wire clutter in your space since they don’t require a separate power cable. On the flip side, they can’t supply the kind of juice you get from AC-powered speakers and hence, tend to produce lower audio and less bass.  


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