Clipboard is the dynamic data storage which is short term and is usually used for pasting texts that have been cut or copied. Irrespective of whether the platform is Windows or Android, iOS or macOS, the functionality of keyboard is same for everyone. A clipboard is also referred to as the paste buffer. This is because clipboard stores the text data that we have copied or cut for pasting into some other text files. The accessing of clipboards is done via certain well defined programming interfaces. Any application that might need to access the clipboard functionality is done simply by mapping user input like keybindings, menu selections, etc.

This is a brief about Clipboard data. Previously, clearing the clipboard data needed you to run a command in the run window or the command prompt. But now, it is not that difficult at all. You can achieve it simply from the Settings application. Here are the steps to clear Clipboard Data on Windows 10 October Update 2018.

Steps To Clear Clipboard Data On Windows 10 October Update

  1. Open the Start menu by tapping on the Start button. Then click on the Gear icon to open Settings app.
  2. Next, click on System.   SYSTEM
  3. In the left panel, click Clipboard.   clipboard
  4. In the right panel, scroll down and find out Clear Clipboard Data. Under it, tap on Clear. The clipboard data will be cleared.  clear clipboard


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