When we are using a computer, we have to deal with a plethora of important things. When a computer tries to communicate with another computer or allows another computer to initiate connection with it, there is a need for a network interface card. Every Network Interface card of a computer is assigned a unique identifier address called the MAC address. The acronym for MAC Address is Media Access Control Address. MAC address holds immense importance because it functions as network addresses for all major IEEE 802 network technologies such as Bluetooth, Ethernet and Wi-Fi. Every NIC of a computer has a unique MAC Address because it helps to deliver the data packets travelling on your network to the correct NIC a, just like a postal letter. MAC address serves as a postal address, to be honest. But, a network node may have many NICs. By that, a network node or router may have multiple MAC addresses.

MAC addresses have specific structure, but, here, our concern is to know how to change the MAC address on Windows 10. Well, we do not recommend that you change the MAc Addresses, but if for some reason, if you want to change the MAC address, then here it is.

Steps To Change MAC Address In Windows 10

Open the Start Menu and type “Command Prompt” in your Cortana search bar. The result will appear. Choose Run As Administrator to open Command Prompt with elevated properties.


Next, type getmac /v /fo list and hit Enter. The output for each of your NIC adaptor will be listed.

Open the Cortana search bar and type Device manager. Choose the Device Manager application from the search result. As the Device Manager opens, scroll down and go to Network Adapters. Click on the drop down box in the left side of Network Adapters. You can see all the Network cards attached to your computer .

Next, select the network adapter whose MAC address is to be changed. Right click on the adaptor and click on Properties.

Click on the Advanced tab. Now find out the MAC Address or Network Address. Any one of the two addresses will be there based on your network adaptor. There is a Value field and a Not Present field. Check the radio button along with the value field. Type a six digit alphanumeric code in the Value field.

Click OK to close the dialogue box and all other tabs. That’s all!


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