Reading List is a very useful feature in Windows 10 Mobiles that enables users to add webpage content to Reading list, so that they can read them at a later time. The content which has been added to the Reading list are stored in the Hub. as the name suggests, Hub is the dumping place of all the materials which have been added in the offline mode. The following tutorial will help you to add a webpage to Reading List in Windows 10 Mobile. The same procedures can be applied to Windows 10 PC operating system also. Microsoft Edge is the new age web browser that is emerging to be more user friendly and interactive.

Steps to add a Webpage to Reading List in Windows 10 Mobile

1. First launch the Microsoft Edge app and open a website of your requirement.

Microsoft Edge

2. Now tap the Settings option.


3. When the list appears, tap Add to Reading List.

Add to reading list

4. Now type a name of your convenience and tap Add.

Select Add

5. Now your webpage has been added to Reading List. All these materials will be saved in the Hub section.


6. Open the app, open Settings and tap Hub. In the Hub you will find all your materials under the Reading List Tab.



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