Technology has completely revolutionized how we live, and it has been rapidly and continuously expanding over the past 60 – 70 years. What started as very basic systems have transformed into computers and machinery that can often get the job done better than humans themselves! Below is a quick look at some of the most impressive computer tech innovations in recent times and how they came about.

Electronic Instruments 

Electronic instruments were first designed in the 1940s and 50s and led to a total transformation of the music world. From keyboards to electric guitars, the realm of electronic instruments has resulted in a host of opportunities for ambitious musicians, and the development of a wide array of music styles, including heavy metal, house music, and classic rock ‘n roll. 

However, even though the real birth of electronic instruments took place in the 20th century, it is believed that the very first one was created in 1759 by the Jesuit priest, Jean-Baptiste Delaborde, in Paris! It was called the Clavessin Electrique and is also the oldest surviving electronic instrument.

Electric Skateboards 


Electric skateboards started to gain popularity among skateboarders in the early 2010s after the release of the ZBoard. Nowadays, there are several exciting models out there to choose from. 

There are generally two types of electric skateboards available for purchase: those with out-runner motors and those with hub motors. The latter is often the most affordable and easiest to maintain out of the two. However, many believe that out-runner motor electric skateboards have more torque and can generate more impressive speeds. If you are keen to compare some of the better brands against one another before making a purchase, click here.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is everywhere at the moment. The computer technology behind it is also quite fascinating, indeed. The headset is aimed at creating an immersive and interactive 3D environment and essentially cuts the individual off from the real world with the help of a screen. 

Autofocus lenses are slotted in between your eyes and the screen. The visuals are then projected and appear through a connection to a mobile phone or a computer. The experience is emphasized further with the help of a fast and effective refresh rate, a 100-degree FOV (or Field of View), and a minimum frame rate of 60fps. It is also essential that there is no noticeable inconsistency between the refresh rate and the frame rate, as this can result in cybersickness.

Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial intelligence feels like a brand new technological advancement, but the reality is that it existed before the internet itself. Nowadays, you can experience artificial intelligence everywhere you go and in practically everything that you do. So much so that most people cannot begin to imagine their life without it! It is incorporated into smartphones, vehicles, entertainment systems, banking, and much more. 

The basic concept behind artificial intelligence is that machines can ‘learn’ from experience and discover various things through data and, as a result, perform many human tasks, such as driving a car or playing chess. The main goal for most types of artificial intelligence is to perform regular computerized, high-volume tasks frequently and without tiring in any way. This often leads to improved rates of productivity and substantial cost savings for companies of all sorts and sizes.


It is incredible to think how far computer technology has come over the last few decades. Who knows where it will end up in 40 or 50 years from now? No matter what, it will undoubtedly be an exhilarating journey for brands and individuals alike!


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