Windows 10 has several high definition wallpapers from where users can choose. Wallpapers are not rare features but finding an HD wallpaper is a difficult task. Windows 10 has a feature called Windows Spotlight which mainly focuses on Lockscreen and desktop images. Windows Spotlight updates the Windows 10 lockscreen with cool vibrant wallpapers. But if you have noticed, all images of Windows Spotlight are photographs of places, objects and geometrical definitions. If you want something different, for e.g. painting instead of photographs, then there is an application that will seem perfect for art connoisseurs.

How To Get New Artwork For Your Desktop Wallpaper Daily in Windows 10

Artpip is an application that finds artworks and sets them as your Windows 10 wallpapers. You can customize the way new desktop wallpapers appear. You can also set hie often new artworks will be presented for your desktop wallpaper. On one hand, you can set certain artworks, media, and on the other hand you can apply filters to choices of wallpapers. For example, if you do not want painting done in a particular medium, then you can always exclude it. One great thing about Artpip is that it doesn’t give you any trouble of changing the desktop wallpapers manually. Artpip manages everything.

Steps to Get New Artwork For Your Desktop Wallpaper Daily in Windows 10

1. First, download Artpip application.

2. Run Artpip and you will receive a new artwork for your desktop wallpaper.

3. Artpip changes the images by itself. In case you don’t You won’t have to change the wallpaper manually; Artpip takes care of that. If you don’t like the image, simply click the refresh button and get a new desktop painting.

4. As mentioned earlier, you can exclude a certain type of medium. In that case click on Customize located at the top right corner of the screen.

5. You can select how often Artpip will receive new artwork for your desktop wallpaper, what century the artwork should be from, and which mediums to exclude. You can exclude oil paintings, watercolor, sketches, and prints.

If you like any artwork, you can also purchase it from Artpip.


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