It was some time ago we heard a news that an implementation was done on the Unofficial Nike+ Fuelband app for windows phone 8. But now the app is live Windows phone store done with full routine testing and certifications.

 Fuelband windows 8 phone

But the bad part is that there is no trial version for the Fuelboard app. The full version earns $0.99 from your pocket which is not a bad deal for those who always want to monitor their Fuelband data on the go.

Talking about the app, the app will retrieve all the data from your Fuelband account to your windows phone with just 1 tap but fails to sync directly from your Nike Fuelband. This app gives you to review your present, past weeks and lifetime summaries from your Fuelband account. Represents graphically and gives stats of the fuel calories, steps and everything related to keep an eye for day to day fitness progress.

 Fuelboard app windows 8 phone

The app is only designed for windows phone 8 devices. So, a bad news for earlier version users as they can’t use this app. But they can soon use the windows 8 version of this app which is in the works and after few testing and certifications the app will be on store in coming weeks.

Everything of this app is good as the apps is fully meant for day to day calorie count and fitness measures but the pocket pinch makes you upset. Because the app doesn’t comes with a trial version.


Susham is a part time blogger and a Software Engineer by Profession. He has keen interest in latest Gadgets and Tech updates. Like us he is also passionate about Windows 8.


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