The Fresh Paint app was first introduced by Microsoft along with Windows 8. It was showcased as a flagship app of Windows 8. Now with Windows 10 Preview, the app has been revamped to its new Preview version. The application is dedicated to realistic painting and has a plethora of customization options. Have a quick look at the features of the new Fresh Paint app.

Fresh Paint

The significant features which will be offered by Fresh Paint are as follows:

1. Fresh Paint will have an interactive and intuitive User Interface mainly designed for touch sensitive devices. Hence the app will support all of touch, mouse, and stylus inputs.
2. The app will also facilitate accelerated graphics rendering technology so that users can have a realistic experience while painting.
3. Users can import images, photos and use images taken directly from camera.
4. The options of paints are also increased. Now you can paint in watercolor, oil, pencil and pastel.
5. Print your Fresh Paint paintings in HD.
6. The app will be sensitive to pressure. This will help in varying brush stroke thickness as and when required.
7. Unlike conventional Paint, this app will bring two free activity packs for a fun ‘coloring book’ experience.

Download Fresh Paint


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