The Find in Start option in Windows 8.1 help you find out an app you are searching for, from the entire Start screen. The Start screen is studded with different types of application and it may be difficult to find out an application. So the easiest way to use the Find in Start feature. First you should search the app, and then the Find in Start feature redirects youto the Start screen where the App is located. The following steps will help.

Find in Start in Windows 8.1

Steps to Use Find in Start in Windows 8.1

1. Press the Windows button to go to the Start Screen and then click on the arrow at the bottom to go to the Apps screen.

Go To App

2. Now right click on the app or tap for some time on that app.

Select App

3. Click on Find In Start.

Find In Start

4. Now, the computer will redirect you to the Start Screen where the App is located.

App In Start Location

5. If you cannot find the app from the App screen, type the name of the App in the Search field

App Search


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