In our recent and fast-stepped cosmos, every individual wants to have fun on their tips. Hence, viewing videos and hearing to music in websites have turned so immensely democratic that the web is now pelted with video players that provide a large collections of characteristics and offerings, from single tap video downloading to social network video sharing. With numerous free and paid video playback offerings in the market out there, we came up with the DVD player software on windows platform that you will discover very effective and utility.

Free DVD Player Software for Windows

BS DVD Player

With BS DVD player has recently turned with a free edition, a new user interface and great deal of characteristic such as being able to view Youtube videos, take in frames and even make thumbnails from specific episodes. It also now has Jukebox capabilities for video and audio.
» BS DVD Player

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is really one of the world’s loved open-source video playback player. VLC has a great deal of awesome features like grainy speed controls, frame-by-frame progression, instant transcription of teeming videos among many things. It also has altering toolbars. It also backs-up a large variety of audio and video formats.
» VLC Media Player

Real Player

RealPlayer has been domiciling in the World Wide Web from the early 1995 and has now turned into a full-boasted and user favorable video and audio player in the recent times. This astonishing application also possesses a video-cutting tool that will offer you flexibility in video alternatives, and also allows for uploading with social networking sites like Facebook and Youtube.
» Real Player


UMPlayer possesses a great deal of free-enterprise and predicting features. For a free media player, it has numerous boosted alternatives and yet it is so simple to function with and use. It can also stream any kind of media format for both video and audio files. It also has distinct characteristics such as captions look-ups, capability to stream and record You Tube, skinny display, alterable hotkeys and many more.
» UMPlayer

GOM Media Player

GOM Media Player backs-up numerous media formats and has awesome and alterable backdrops on the control panel. It is also comes with screen-capture feature that will call for for barreling in, panning, custom-make themes, hot keys, and many other objects.
» GOM Media Player

Zoom Player 8

Zoom Player 8 is a good citing of what DVD player application should actually be. It possesses all the mandatory support for general audio and video formats, so you can stream what you like when you demand. Also with that, it also comes with numerous fun charateristics that add up to your all total user feel.
» Zoom Player 8


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