Here are a few tips that can help you enhance your Windows 10 laptop’s battery life.

Turn down display brightness

This may seem surprising, but screen brightness is one of the biggest reasons behind battery drainage. The pixels of your screen are individually lit up. So if your screen resolution is high, then you can imagine how much energy is utilized for the screen to get lit up. Hence, a potential solution is choosing an optimum brightness for your laptop screen. You can do it by going to Settings > System > Display. You’ll find a slider for display brightness in the Windows Mobility Center. You can move the slider and minimize the brightness.

Choose comparatively dark color for Desktop

As mentioned before, screen brightness is an important factor in battery draining. The brighter the desktop image, the more energy consumed. So choose a dark color.

Turn Off Keyboard Back Lights

Your laptop plausibly has a Function key that lets you toggle the keyboard backlights on and off. If not, you’ll find a control for it in the Windows Mobility Center.

Check power and sleep settings

You can change the power settings from the Control panel and optimize the options according to your requirement.

Check Battery usage by app

select user

Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when not needed

This point needs no explanation. As for Wi-Fi we do need it almost always while using the laptop. But we can turn off Bluetooth to save battery. In case you have not used Wi-Fi for a while turn it off to give your laptop an added boost.

Turn Off Email Sync

Synchronizing email is great for keeping yourself updated but it can also drain your laptop’s battery. So, if your main focus is saving the battery and if your battery issue is more serious as compared to emails, then you can turn off automatic email sync. For that, go to Settings > Accounts > Email & app accounts. Click on your account, click the Manage button and then for Download new content, switch it from as items arrive to every 30 minutes, hourly or manually and then click Done.

Try Microsoft Edge

Microsoft claims that its neo age web browser, Microsoft Edge, can help you save energy. According to the company, the application uses approximately 35% battery compared to Google Chrome.


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