We have reviewed the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard free version. It’s a potential solution for data recovery. If you have lost or accidentally deleted your files from your computer, this application can efficiently recover your files in a jiffy. The process of recovery is very simple but the features offered by the software is huge. EaseUS Data Recovery software comes in different paid versions. The free version can be downloaded from the website itself.

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To install the data recovery software free, first visit the website and download the free version. Once you download the .exe file, start the installation process. Select your preferred language and perform the steps as instructed. The installation will take place very quickly. As the software is ready to be used, the disks of your computer will appear on the app page. This is for you to choose which disk you want to scan and recover. Select a disk and click on Scan.

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Next, a Quick Scan will start which will not take much time. You can check the progress of scanning in the bottom panels.

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When the scanning process is completed, it will provide some folders and files that have been recovered. Just as the quick scan finishes , the deep scan process initiates. You can wither continue with the Deep Scan or simply Pause it.

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Next, you can click on Recover. This will open the location of the folder where you want to recover the files. Select a folder. Click OK.

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You will be notified when the recovery is done.

This is the main process of recovery and restoration of lost data. EaseUS Data Recover software can revert back lost data, damaged or accidentally deleted data from a plethora of storage options. It can recover data from memory cards, SD Cards, CF Cards, micro cards and many more. It can also recover damaged data files from USB Recovery Drive, computers, iPods, iPads, digital camera, formatted hard disks, external hard disks and many more. The list doesn’t end here. If your computer has been attacked by virus and has caused loss of partition, hardware crashes, System crashes, RAW partitions etc.

The best thing about this free data recovery software is that it’s fast, doesn’t lag, and very neatly designed The options are self-explanatory and hence user friendly.


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