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If you have looked through your Windows 10 laptop, then you will have noticed that it contains separate gaming settings. Here, you can activate Game Mode, adjust settings for Game Bar, and more. So, with all of these options in place, it is only natural to wonder if you do actually need a specialized laptop for gaming. 

The short answer to this question is, yes – even with all of these game-related features, you still need a laptop that has been specially designed for gaming. If this doesn’t completely satisfy your curiosity, don’t worry. You can find a more satisfactory answer to your question below. 

The following information will show you how gaming laptops have been carefully designed to meet all the requirements of your favorite games. Thus, they can differ from traditional devices in a number of ways. Here are all the ways that a gaming laptop offers a better gaming experience over regular models: 

Improved GPU 

As you can imagine, gaming laptops dedicate more of their resources to the graphics portion of the performance. After all, this is what most gamers are looking for in their rigs. For this reason, the laptops have specific GPUs. 

In particular, you will find that most gaming rigs come with dedicated GPUs. This means that there is a separate graphics card attached to the motherboard. In most other laptops, the graphics card is attached to the same chip as the CPU and is known as an integrated GPU. 

The benefit of a dedicated GPU is that it doesn’t have to share resources. Instead, it can dive into its own memory (VRAM) and access the necessary image data quickly and efficiently. This improves the overall aesthetic quality of your gaming. 

What’s even better is that there are now numerous modestly priced rigs for gaming. This allows you to enjoy better gameplay without having to invest as much as you would have in the past. 

Powerful CPUs 

Now, there is no denying that most modern laptops have rather impressive CPUs. Still, in most instances, you can get away with using an Intel Core i3 if you are involved in more basic tasks. This is because there is a limit to how much processing power you need access to at any given time. 

This isn’t the case with gaming, however. While the GPU shoulders most of the burden, CPU ensures that the gameplay is able to continue without a hitch. This is why most gaming laptops have been equipped with more powerful processors. It is virtually impossible to find one that has anything lower than an Intel i5. 

In fact, a growing portion of gaming laptops is being built with quad core processors. This allows the computer to process information more efficiently, particularly when your gaming programs make use of these functions. 

Cooling Systems

It is clear from the information above that gaming requires quite a bit of power. This means that there are many different components that have to work harder to keep up with the gameplay and various other features. Now, gaming rigs have already sorted this problem out with improved cooling systems. 

In addition to high-speed fans, the cooling system is often designed to function more efficiently. This can mean that certain gaming laptops have different fans and heat-sinks for different components of the rig. It is unusual to find such features in a mid-range, regular laptop. 

Therefore, it is only if you have a gaming-specific laptop that you will be able to play for as long as you want. Otherwise, your laptop will begin to overheat and you will have to stop using the machine until it cools down once more. 

Larger Batteries 

When your laptop uses power, it isn’t just the heat that you have to think about, it is the battery life as well. After all, these gaming processes can be quite a drain on your laptop’s battery. This is why if you game on a regular laptop, you will often have to stay hooked up to a power source continuously. 

Many gaming rigs do make an attempt to include larger batteries in their machines, however. As a result, you can make your battery last longer, at least a little. Such a feature can be particularly useful for gamers that like to move around when gaming. 

Keyboard Travel Distance 

Now, it isn’t just about using a laptop that offers a good gaming experience. If you are a serious gamer, it is just as important to amplify your skills and capabilities. Thus, you need a laptop that can do this for you. 

Well, quite a few gaming-specific laptops are built with keyboards that offer up minimal travel distance. This ensures that you are able to type out commands with the slightest touch and have these movements translated onto your game promptly. 

Keyboards attached to gaming laptops are generally well-designed, though. They have been built so that gamers can move around the surface quickly and intuitively, with minimal strain. This, too, helps to build up better reflexes in the game. 

Cool Design Features 

Many gamers also require a rig that simply looks cooler than the average laptop. While the aesthetic appeal won’t help your abilities in any way, they certainly can make the experience a lot more fun. Of course, most typical laptops aren’t overly concerned with appearance. 

Gaming laptops, on the other hand, can be designed to look futuristic, vivid, or out-of-this-world. On top of this, they can have additional features such as backlit keyboards. This can all add to the feel of playing a game. 

As you can see, gaming laptops differ in so many ways. These variations are present so that gamers can enjoy a better quality of gaming. So, if you are a gamer, then it is clear that you should get a gaming laptop rather than relying on a make and model that you already have. While it may seem like an additional investment, you will be glad that you took the plunge. You will certainly change the way you game.  



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