Segurazo Antivirus is a security program developed by a company of the same name, but some users may mistakenly refer to it as the Segurazo virus. Segurazo is a legitimate product, and it isn’t harmful to the system – we will elaborate upon that further down this post.

Segurazo AntiVirus information

As far as its functionality is concerned, at first glance, this program seems to come with most of the basic functionality that a modern antivirus should have, though, admittedly, it visibly lacks variety in its features. There are only two versions of this antivirus – Basic and Pro, with Basic only offering a scan feature, real-time protection, and a system optimizer. With the pro, you also get privacy, ransomware and email protection. Both versions are paid, but seem to offer a free trial. There isn’t sufficient information from independent sources about how good Segurazo protects against malware. According to its own developers, Segurazo is “equipped with innovative security features”, and it “guarantees optimum security and privacy” for the users’ devices.

Is Segurazo a virus?

“Is Segurazo a virus?” is what has probably brought you to this article. Though you may know it as the “Segurazo virus”, this program is definitely not a virus, or any other kind of malware. It is, however, deemed as potentially unwanted by some security researchers, and a number of antivirus programs may flag it as a security hazard. Here, we will shed light on the reason why it may be seen as an undesirable program, and referred to as the Segurazo virus, although it is a legitimate software piece.

The first issue people have with this antivirus is the way it gets installed. Although it has an official site from where it can be downloaded, the trial version of this program is also commonly found inside file bundles, that don’t always properly disclose its presence. Many users have reported getting Segurazo without really wanting it, as the result of installing some other program that had it added to its setup manager as a bonus component. This, of course, is bound to annoy anyone who doesn’t want the antivirus in their computers.

The second problem with this antivirus stems from its behavior, and especially that of its free trial version. With the trial version, you only get the scanner feature, but even before you run a scan with it, you will see a “Your computer is not secure” warning every time you open the antivirus. This exaggerated warning is supposed to persuade you to buy the full version of the program in a rather misleading way. If you use the Segurazo virus scanner, you will almost certainly get a warning that there’s malware in your computer (even if there isn’t), and you would once again be urged to buy the full version. Such behavior is considered deceptive, and invasive, especially once you factor in that most users don’t want this program in the first place. AppEsteem – an online platform that lists all “deceptor apps”, has Segurazo listed in their database, and there you can find more information about the questionable traits of this antivirus.

How to uninstall Segurazo?

“How to uninstall Segurazo?” is the third problem people have with the Segurazo antivirus. Most users who encounter it don’t know how to uninstall Segurazo, as the program is intentionally designed to be difficult to remove. First, it will ask you several times if you really want to uninstall it, and then the “Yes” button that confirms the uninstallation may be grayed-out, preventing you from going through with the removal process. Some users report that trying to use the Control Panel to uninstall Segurazo also doesn’t get the job done. This, combined with the above mentioned issues, is what makes many people refer to this program as the Segurazo virus. If you are one of the people who wish to uninstall Segurazo from their computers check this article for a complete Segurazo Antivirus Uninstall Guide.



  1. Tobe honest. i got this segurazo on my computer without any of my command. however i found it useful against viruses.


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