You do not need to be a skilled hacker to intercept other people’s messaging and other kinds of phone activity. Thanks to such apps like nexspy, spyzie and others, even people who do not have any gift for that can track your every step – your parents, your colleagues, guys at the top. Moreover, it’s considered to be legal. 

That’s just pranking, a warm-up. Even if to take the recent world news, we learn that the messengers that were considered to be the most secure are getting failed when it comes to authorities interference. For Instance, Hong Kong authorities have found a way to identify Telegram users participating in protests against the new extradition bill. 

In view of recent world events, I’ve been making a point to find the better, more secure alternative, and it seems to me that I did it – Utopia. I’ve tested it for a while, I liked it. So now, take a look at 10 reasons to choose it over other messengers that can’t be trusted anymore. 

Reasons To Choose Utopia Private Encrypted Messenger

With Utopia IM, you can send text and voice messages, create chats with several mixers, create channels, both public and private. You can attach multimedia files, regardless of their size, send cool stickers and emoji. The following picture depicts how Utopia IM looks like.


But, honestly, that’s a standard set of IM features. So what’s so special about Utopia?

1. That’s more than just a messenger

This private encrypted messenger is just one of the many built-in services in the whole Utopia Ecosystem:

uMail. That’s Utopia mailing service which looks like a traditional email, but guarantees the absence of spam and absolute privacy of communication;

Idyll browser. That’s a browsing service which enables anonymous surfing the websites created within the ecosystem (yes, it’s possible to author websites there) That’s an advanced alternative to screwed up Tor;

uWallet. This wallet makes it possible to conduct financial interactions within the ecosystem entirely anonymously. 

API. In plain English, that’s a ready-made code to simplify the integration of other services and apps. The API was created so that the programmer could really facilitate the task of writing an application through the use of ready-made code.

File Manager. That’s the service which allows you to store, search, and delete the files within the ecosystem. There is also a Transfer Manager which will help you to manage file uploads.

Games. The devs offer us to play multiplayer games with our Utopia fellows.

2. A huge sphere of application

That’s great when a messenger or any other service can be used not for work exceptionally or vice versa, for fun. It can be used for: 

  • doing business there – transfering documentation, conducting payments;
  • for writers, politicians, journalists, producers and so on – sharing confidential data;
  • for friends and lovers who get used to sending each other info and photos that shouldn’t be seen.

In general, there are no restrictions on usage.

3. Decentralized architecture

For those who are still under the rock, decentralization here means that there is no central 3rd party server where all the info is stored. And that means that there is no single point of failure. Such type of network architecture is considered to be perfect in terms of security. 

All information and personal records are stored at the user’s local crypto container. Only a user has access to his container. 

4. Multi-level encryption

Utopia uses advanced encryption methods of all your data which distinguish Utopia from other messengers. 

Your local storage is encrypted by 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), which is the most secure. 

All the outgoing info is encrypted by Curve25519 – Elliptic Curve Cryptography (high-speed)

Also, temporary keys are used as the highest level of encryption. 

5. Independence from corporations and authorities

Utopia doesn’t belong to any corporation and was developed by the enthusiasts who just wanted to bring our privacy back. Moreover, taking into account such an anonymous nature of the ecosystem, the risk that the devs will collect and disclose our info at the request of authorities, for instance, is absent. 

6. Scalability of the ecosystem

Each new user brings more value to the ecosystem. Through creating their own websites, channels, e-stores, etc., within the ecosystem, users make it superior and wider. 

7. Availability

Utopia is available for everyone who uses Windows, MacOS or Linux for free. Moreover, the requirements for installation is quite low, so there will be no problems downloading Utopia even for those who do not have a powerful computer. 

8. Own cryptocurrency which is not prone to volatility

I decided to make it separate point as it worth your close attention. Crypton is Utopia’s payment unit. You can create Crypto cards with a couple of clicks and freely manage your funds in Crypton. It is not affected by the world’s currencies, raw materials, metals or other coins and tokens. 


This digital asset can be mined – for every 15 minutes of Ecosystem usage you get your CRP.

9. Anonymity of registration

That’s great when you do not have to share your phone number and even email address to register and start using a particular application. Utopia doesn’t require that, so that’s the additional layer of anonymity.

10. Possibility of interface customization

You can customize the themes – dark or light. You can choose what features and filters to display and what should be hidden – the position of the tabs, status bar, dashboard. The devs promise that users will be able to create their own themes in the near future. 

Final word

No doubt, Utopia is the better, more secure and reliable product for online communication, surfing, and running a business. I must mention that currently Utopia is in the stage of its beta-testing which will be live till the beginning of October. However, all the ecosystem are available without exceptions. So you still can join, help the devs to improve it and get some reward for that. 


Nick is a Software Engineer. He has interest in gadgets and technical stuffs. If you are facing any problem with your Windows, feel free to ask him.


  1. Hello to the future already.Utopia has revolutionized the way of communication through its technology.Its soon going launch its final version which will be top in industry.Everyone can now enjoy internet with privacy.i totally recommend it to the public.


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