Disney Checkout Challenge game is out now for Windows Phone. This game is a fun filled fast game which will test your grocery scanning skill and you will be promoted from a “Checker-in-Training” to “Checkout Chairman”. All you have to do is GRAB groceries, SCAN barcodes and then COMPETE for the highest score!

Disney Checkout Challenge game for Windows Phone

The game is published by Disney and costs $0.99. The size of game is 28.7 MB and is only compatible to Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8 for Windows platform. So versions before Windows Phone 8 will not be able to avail this game. In this game the player has to complete given objectives and proceed to the next level. On proceeding to a new level, many unique groceries will be unlocked. These groceries are of more value and attractive. Other important features include fast activation of “Frenzy” and use tapping to scan items lightning fast, purchasing unique Disney items for your favorite characters. You can personalize your high score by putting your own signature like a leaderborad.

There is a Facebook page: Facebook.com/DisneyMobile which gives tips on playing the game. The game is available for download on the Windows Store.


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