Here is another Windows 8 gadget the Dell XPS 12 Convertible Ultrabook. In previous news posts you have read about the functionality of a convertible computer. Its structure can be altered from one form to another letting you enjoy the gadgets with every flip of your mood. This flipping is accomplished quite smoothly owing to the premium flip hinge design.

Dell XPS 12

Now coming straight to the technical specifications:
• The outer case is long lasting and durable. The machined aluminum, bonded Corning Gorilla® Glass and carbon fiber add to the outer elegance.
• Viewing angle of 170 degree gives crystal clear appearance from every angle.
• The ultrabook is powered by 3rd Gen Intel Core i5 or i7 processors and Windows 8 operating system with 4 GB dual DDR3, Intel® QS77 Express Chipset, Intel HD Graphics 4000 and hard drive up to 256 GB.
• XPS has glass integrated button touch-pad with gesture support and back-lit standard chiclet keyboard.
• Wireless features include Bluetooth 4.0, Intel Smart Connect Technology, WiDi 3.0 Ready.
• Digital Webcam with resolution of 1.3 MP with dual digital array microphones for a seamless video conferencing.

Dell XPS Convertible Ultrabook

Review from various users has revealed numerous pros as well as some cons of the device. In one word this computer can be said fantastic owing to its excellent processor speed, clear display quality and massive SSD. Some negative aspects are also there and the one that comes first is the heavy weight which makes it difficult to use despite its capability to camouflage in different attires. So this heavy weight limits its utility. Moreover touch sensing is not too good which is a drawback where Windows 8 is concerned. So the heavy weight will make you use the device as laptop for most of the time.

Price of Dell XPS 12 Convertible Ultrabook is around £1,299 /AU$1,499/US$1,199 which is closer to the price of MacBook Pro 13-inch with Retina display which is nearly around £1,499/AU$1,899/US$1,699.Hence making a choice between Dell XPS 12 and a Apple product is not that difficult I guess.


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