Cyclonis Password Manager application organizes your passwords and saves into a particular file on your computer or on your cloud account. We know the hazards of remembering passwords of so many apps, emails and so many websites. The toughest part is that most websites recommend users to set complex passwords that involve special characters, numbers, uppercase and lowercase alphabets. Hence, a password organizer is not a bad option.

Cyclonis Password Manager is a utility software that takes care of your passwords. So even if you have cleared history, your passwords will be safe in your cloud account or local computer drives. The information that can be organized are passwords, IDs, payment information, and other confidential data and keep it safe in your encrypted personalized vault. Cyclonis Password Manager has a plethora of useful features like intuitive user interface and advanced utility aspects. It is available for Windows and Mac OS X. Here, we are reviewing the Windows version.

Steps To Install and Use Cyclonis Password Manager for Windows

1. First download Cyclonis Password manager Software. Run the .exe file that has been downloaded. You will be prompted by UAC.

select user

2. The Cyclonis Password Manager Installer opens. Click on Continue.

select user

3. Now check the terms and conditions of the application. Click on Accept and continue to next steps.

select user

4. The installation takes a bit time.

select user

5. Next, you have to set up your account by signing up with email and password. Click Next and choose your data save location. You can choose any application like Dropbox, OneDrive or local drive. Select your location and click Next. Now, here one important point to remember is that you have to remember this master password. If you forget this, then you may land up in trouble in future. So, this is the only thing that you need to remember.

select user

6. Now you have to start scanning for Passwords. Click on Start Scan.

select user

7. After scanning is complete, the list of passwords appears. You can save the passwords


1. The setup and user interface are very convenient and user friendly. Any normal user can use the feature without any difficulty. There is a well crafted definition with every step so that you can decide on what you are doing.
2. It gives you huge support for language, cloud services, and browser.
3. You can also use the automatic import feature. This feature will automatically import from a web browser. You can choose the browser. There are a good number of options available.
4. The best thing about this software is that it is absolutely free. And unlike other software, this software do not pose any restriction or limitation on the user.
5. Export and import of passwords between your system is very smooth and convenient.


The software do not have any negative aspect. But there is something important disclaimer regarding any software of this type. Nowadays, various virus, ransomware and malware applications and injected by hackers anonymously by hackers and cyber criminals. These attacks often steal passwords and information from the database. So no matter how useful these apps are, there is always a risk factor associated with it. Such attacks happen to leading companies like Google. So, it is something practical although very rare.

Other than this, the software works perfectly fine. You can try it and let us know your feedback.


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