Windows 10 Technical Preview has been released. The assumed name Windows 9 has been skipped. Cortana which was supposed to come with this new version as seen from previously leaked images. Now the technical preview does not support Cortana yet but the package contains some assets which indicate some upcoming features about Cortana. A resource file named bootstraprules.xml essentially contains files that implies Cortana will be facilitated with geo-fencing.


The new facility of geo-fencing will help cortana to turn on/off Wi-Fi based on location. If the user just enters home from outside Cortana will sense the location via geo-fencing and automatically turn on Wi-Fi. Similarly when the user goes out of home the Wi-Fi will be turned off and again turned on if the user goes to a friend’s home or a place which has Wi-Fi facility. The Technical preview Windows 10 still doesn’t support Cortana but since it is just a testing preview there is ample scope of its inception. We hope that this geo fencing feature gets integrated to Windows Phone and Windows tablet so that we can save our invaluable battery.


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