May be Microsoft is little slow with the progress of Windows 10 mobile devices, but they are internally testing a number of prototype features for Windows 10 mobile devices. The prototype features have been taken from the feedbacks that are submitted by Windows Insider through the mobile feedback apps. Well, the prototype features are no doubt interesting but also very much user friendly.

Can Microsoft bring a new way for resizing tiles in Windows 10 mobiles rather than traditional method

And one prototype feature is how a user resizes the tiles. Though it is early alpha stage and we are not sure whether it will hit the final product. The new feature allows the resizing of the tiles by dragging the corners by that of windows on the desktop. The user can easily resize tiles and it can be up to as large as 4*4 and is running on a prototype 7” device. Even the user can resize the tiles into super long tiles. All this are still in testing and is from internal development branch. There is no news about the final product and we have just some pre-release software and UI elements.

For internal source, WinBeta has said that the resizing is not much popular among the employees so the future of the feature is at the stake. What do you prefer? What do you think will this new feature can make in the final product. Please comment us.

Image Courtesy: Winbeta


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