Windows Phone 8.1 update GDR 1 is out now and we have been discussing several how-to-do things and new upgrades regarding GDR 1 past few days in our website. In this article also we will try to cover a bit about the Office files of Windows Phone 8.1. MS Office is sufficiently upgraded in the new version and facilitates accessing password protected documents.

You can finally open password-protected Office files in Windows Phone 8.1 Update

But yes, you will be disappointed with a ridiculous bug which won’t let you open it. Well, not all devices are facing the trouble but many are. While many are disappointed straight away by failing to open it, other Windows Phone 8.1 phones can only open the password protected Office files but not edit or alter them. Our Lumia 1520 was fortunate to open the file only but we could not edit them. A typical bug indeed. We hope the bugs get resolved soon so that users can regain seamless experience and not depend on a third device to decrypt it.


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