Microsoft has called for an event on January 21st which is today for unveiling the next chapter of Windows. There is a huge brouhaha going on among the technocrats regarding the event. Microsoft has managed to keep the event as secret as possible to keep up with the excitement. But however, a small bit of information has been leaked unintentionally by the company.

The budget Windows Phone Lumia 532 is

The new Lumia 532 which is a low budget Windows Phone is displaying Windows 10 ready in the website link’s snippet preview. So definitely it has grabbed a lot of eyeballs. It might be an intentional approach as well because the event is just hours away and the company perhaps have given a faint information in order to invigorate the excitement.

There are two important possibilities which have been chalked out from the description of Lumia 532. One is that the company will change the name of the mobile OS from Windows Phone x to Windows x. Microsoft has been trying to drop the two different OS for desktop and mobile platform to a single OS for all platforms. Another decent possibility is that other budget phones will also get the Windows 10 update.

So we kind of got a hint what’s in store for us. Let’s see how Microsoft feeds the excitement.


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