It is some hours left for Microsoft’a bog event of disclosing the next chapter of Windows 10. There are so many conjectures making rounds regarding the event. One of the news that has gained importance is that Microsoft will consolidate all the good features of both the desktop and mobile operating systems into a single platform. We have to hold our excitement for some hours more to see Microsoft has in store for us.

Microsoft rumored to launch phone-laptop hybrid

Apart from this another rumor that has hit the market is the a new phone-laptop hybrid which is going to be launched by the company. No detail about the specs could be furnished about the device. The news was received from “The Information” which says that the phone-laptop hybrid device is not going to show up sometimes from now. Since Microsoft is planning for a combined single OS for all if its platforms, rumors are saying that this phone-laptop hybrid might be the first device to run the consolidated OS.

The Information also said that Microsoft “plans to introduce new hardware, with some set to appear this week”, but that the hybrid device is “being developed for further in the future”. So we can figure out possible a decent possibility that the launch of the device might coincide with that of Windows 10 if the mobile laptop hybrid launches by the 2nd half of 2015.


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