Many of us are not quite fond of changes or take time to accept new things. If this happened with you in case of the new updated version of Xbox Music in Windows Phone 8.1 then you will be pleased to know that there is a way to revert back to the older version with the help of a third party application. Users have been bringing it back via an NFC trick but those processes are not easy and convenient to use.

bring back the old Xbox Music in Windows Phone 8.1

So a developer released an application that will help you find the of version of the application on your Start Screen. This new application is named as Music Hub Tile. Once you download and launch it you will be redirected to the older version. You will be allowed to pin either the green Music Tile or a transparent one. The green tile is free of cost but the transparent one costs 99 cents. We appreciate this effort but as we know that the new app is modified and updated every 2 weeks so we doubt how long will the app be useful.

The application was updated last Friday with numerous bug fixes and improvements. Since Windows 8.1 is coded for redirecting you to the new application, touching the dropdown player controls send you off to the new app.


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