What is the best Twitter app for Windows Phone? This is a real tough choice to make out of the numerous apps present in Windows Store. Either you download some apps of your choice, use them and then decide the one that’s best for you or simply use the App pinpointer mentioned below.

App to help you decide which Twitter client to choose

Cue Twitter App Pinpointer

The Cue Twitter App Pinpointer asks users 20 simple questions. These questions will try to know what the users expect from the app, or how they would like to have from a Twitter experience. Your answers on this questionnaire will filter through the list of Twitter clients. By this process you will be recommended the right app for you. This app client saves time from searching apps and then randomly downloading some apps and test which one is apt to your requirement. If you have preferences on specific features you can compare and get the app with the function of your choice.

Liquid Daffodil has an offer on this. It questions the consumers and asks them to keep in touch and test the app out and check the accuracy of the data. You can send your feedback to the team for further improvement, may be, to support@liquiddaffodil.com. If you email helps the team with validating data and general testing, you’ll be rewarded the Unlimited Liquid Subscription of $15 for free.


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