Microsoft has recently published a support article, where the company mentioned the bug with the latest Windows 10 update. This bug does not let Bluetooth speakers to work properly. The issue is present in KB4505903, that is, Windows 10 build 18362.267.

The issue with Bluetooth speakers should occur to PCs, which have internal speakers. According to reports, any one of three things can happen. Either the Bluetooth speaker will fail to connect, or it will connect but the audio will not be of good quality, or the Bluetooth speaker will connect but the audio will be played from the internal speakers only.  When any of these problems occurs, you will be able to spot them in the Device Manager. If you go to the Device Manager, under Sound, Video and Game Controller, you will find Microsoft Bluetooth A2dp Source. It will also have a warning sign.

Is there any way out? You can try the following fix. Open the Windows Search panel, type Command Prompt. The Command Prompt app appears in the search result. Right click on it and click on Run As Administrator. As Command Prompt opens, run

sfc /scannow command and hit Enter. Finally, reboot your computer to get rid of these unwanted files.

KB4505903 was first released on July 26 as an optional update. If you have not installed the update, then probably you are going to get all these with this month’s Patch Tuesday update.


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