The purpose of this article is to explain how OldSchool RuneScape Ironman accounts can be utilized to their full potential. More specifically, we will touch upon some tips and tricks for starting as Ironman and then we will move into what skills to focus on. It is important to mention that this article will only talk about free-to-play Ironman accounts, meaning that OSRS members will not have much use from this article since their Ironman experience will differ from the F2P players’ experience. 

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Tips & Tricks for OSRS Ironman

  • Put some time aside because you are going to need it
    It is important to be prepared for doing everything yourself since that is a core feature of Ironman mode. Knowing that trading is forbidden, developing a habit of collecting resources in order to level up necessary skills is of paramount importance. That is a good example why time management is crucial for Ironman mode; players have to know when to do something so that they do not become victims of their own doing. Ultimately, Ironman mode cannot be bought off or exploited, one has to earn his or hers place at the top through honest grinding.
  • Set small goals which will get you to big achievements
    Creating goals for your OSRS Ironman character is the best way to train time management skills, provided that you keep up with them. Runs are a good example of early-game goals that should be started as soon as possible; Farm between Slayer tasks, do Birdhouse run when you log in everyday, etc. Make sure that your goals are appropriate for your level in order to have an easier time completing them and make sure to have deadlines, otherwise goals you set will be useless.
  • Choose a valuable food source as soon as possible
    Since Ironmen cannot simply buy food, they have to obtain it by themselves. Do not waste time pondering on various food sources, grab your fishing gear and catch some shrimp. These will help you until you manage to progress to trout. Trout are an excellent early-game food source because high Fishing level is not required for them and the method itself isn’t time-consuming meaning you can use your time more efficiently. 
  • Do not skip quests and diaries early
    Quests and diaries are a great source of experience necessary for leveling your Ironman character and are very useful for skipping low-level grinding. For example, The Knight’s Sword quest is a fast way to level up Smithing to 29 and similarly Vampyre Slayer quest gives astonishing 19 Attack levels. Alternatively, the more quests you complete early the more teleports you can have later, since purchasing teleport tablets and energy potions is not possible. Teleports will be locked early so you will be on foot a lot. As you can see, quests and diaries offer much more value for early game development than players think making them a must for every new Ironman. 

Keep in mind that free-to-play version of OSRS is very limited in terms of quests, so any use of Members-only content, in this article, serves a purpose of proving a point. After providing tips and tricks for early OSRS Ironman development, this article will wrap up with essential Ironman skills and how to level them the best.

Understanding OSRS Ironman skills 

  • Combat
    The Combat skill is very useful for an OSRS Ironman, depending on player’s play style of course. Vampyre Slayer quest is the best early-game quest for leveling Combat. Moreover, slaying Hill Giants is another good source for training Combat. Afterwards, Ironmen can resort to low-level monsters such as goblins or peaceful creatures such as chickens and cows which have multiple benefits for the player. 
  • Prayer

Big Bones can be acquired from slaying aforementioned Hill Giants and are used in training the Prayer skill. Due to that, slaying Hill Giants is considered meta for leveling Combat and Prayer at the same time. Additionally, slaying low-level animals is a good early-game way to acquire bones for praying. Chaos Temple in level 11 Wilderness is known for bone piles, just keep an eye out for player killers.

  • Range
    The Range as a skill is very self-explanatory meaning that simply slaying mobs from a distance will be a good way to do level it up. Similarly, to the previous two skills, slaying Hill Giants is an effective way for leveling up Combat, Prayer and Range at the same time. 
  • Magic
    Rune shops are still accessible as an OSRS Ironman; therefore runes, used for spells, can be bought there. Training Fire Strike on Ogress Warriors, on early levels, is a good way to level up Magic as well as getting a steady gold supply. Magic is important for using teleports and for secure fighting. Furthermore, at level 55 Magic, High Alchemy can be unlocked, and it is used to bypass shopkeepers and make gold yourself.
  • Alchemy
    Obtaining nature runes from the Wilderness is a good way to level Alchemy. 
  • Crafting
    The Crafting skill works hand-in-hand with Smithing since smelting metal bars can be a good way to level Smithing while creating tiaras in order to level Crafting. Tiaras can later be used for training Runecrafting. Early-game ranged gear and amulets can only be made with Crafting skill therefore it is essential to level it constantly.  
  • Mining
    Since Ironmen have to be self-sufficient, Mining is unavoidable and will come in handy for making early game armor such as bronze or copper. Additionally, completing Doric’s Quest is another good way of levelling Mining early. If in need of a good coal and iron mining spot, the Edgeville Dungeon mine, or commonly known as Skeleton Mine, is mostly vacant and next to a furnace. 
  • Smithing
    As mentioned before, smelting metal into bars is very useful for leveling up Smithing and for creating armor. Start off with copper and bronze and progress towards iron and steel since smelting those is the most effective strategy. 
  • Woodcutting
    Logs do not have a great purpose for free-to-play Ironmen other than making canoes, therefore cutting Willow logs with a rune axe would be a good strategy not only for leveling Woodcutting but for leveling the total Ironman level.
  • Firemaking
    The Firemaking skill is closely linked to Woodcutting, and burning Willow logs is a great way to level it up as well as the total character level.
  • Runecrafting
    This is a tricky one, since Ironmen will have to mine their own Rune Essence. The most efficient way for leveling Runecrafting would be combining talismans with tiaras into Runecraft tiaras or even crafting Body Runes.
  • Fishing
    The Fishing skill doesn’t have much to it other than doing it, so the best early-game strategy would be catching shrimp until you can get to trout. On the other hand, Evil Bob random event is a good way to gain Fishing experience to skip early levels.
  • Cooking
    The Cooking skill is very effective with Fishing since cooking fish on a fire is a good way to level it up continuously. 



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