Should you play OldSchool RuneScape in 2020?

RuneScape, a game from 2013, that is somehow alive and kicking to this day, takes the spotlight. Why? There are many other MMORPGs and even MMOs that are better optimized and more up to date than this Jagex’s jewel. What makes RuneScape, or commonly known as OldSchool RuneScape so popular and alive today?

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OSRS then and NOW

You are probably still wondering why you’re reading a review for a game which you have in a bad memory from all of the necessary grinding and dull content. True, OldSchool RuneScape dates back to 2013 and it is a relic of a game, but do not let that discourage you from revisiting it again. Let’s be honest, it is a tough love relationship, but if you ever played it, you remember the nostalgia from the main menu followed by the loading screen music and that experience can only be offered by RuneScape, or rather, OldSchool RuneScape.
The game itself appears to be outdated, but the community is very much active and is regularly keeping it up to speed. You’ve guessed it, the game is player-oriented now. There is a plethora of RuneScape Forums on the RuneScape website that contribute to the game’s development; players can take part in discussions, trade items and suggest improvements for the game. Any ideas that come to players’ minds can actually be incorporated in the game by voting on poles. If the idea gets over 75% positive votes from the community, new content emerges within the game. Furthermore, Jagex keeps the playerbase warmed up by hosting events during holidays where players compete for unique prizes.
The setting of OldSchool RuneScape takes place in an alternate world from its predecessor; the main questline remains the same, but the circumstances, in which it occurs, differ from the original game. Additionally, some questlines that have remained incomplete, in OldSchool RuneScape have been concluded by adding new and exciting game paths such as A Taste of Hope. What makes OSRS even better is the fact that if you have an existing. old account for RuneScape Classic you can link it to OSRS and use that same account for both games. However, stats, items and finished or pending quests cannot be transferred, moreover players new to OSRS start the game on the Tutorial Island with their old-but-new character. You may find OSRS even more interesting now, with the newly incorporated turn-based combat that deals with weapons, armors and prayers instead of the old Evolution Combat which was only ability-oriented.
As you can see the game still gets the love it deserves even after this much time, making this a good time as any to jump into the mix.

What are your options?

Many massive multiplayer games today, that offer the option to role play, are fast paced and have simplified content. Players who want to experience these games free of charge stumble upon a big obstacle they usually yield to; they are being forced to buy in-game currencies in order for them to have a meaningful impact on the game. Furthermore, these games often charge their users for expansions and without buying these, usually overpriced expansions, the game reaches its plateau. The best reason why OSRS stands out from the sea of MMOs and MMORPGs, is the fact that players can choose if they want to play for free or not.  In OldSchool RuneScape, there is a truck load of content for free-to-play characters with new worlds and new content being added constantly. After a couple of first weeks playing you will barely scrap the surface of what the OSRS truly provides. Moreover, you will have to grind for hours and hours just to find out that your character level is still not high enough and your gear is also not ideal for a certain dungeon run or boss fight. In the end, that is the gist of OldSchool RuneScape and the reason why many players choose to play OldSchool RuneScape over other MMOs and MMORPGs out there.

Join us today!

Why play pay-to-win games that offer you nothing but a bitter taste in your mouth from unwillingly spending hard earned cash when you can play OSRS and actually get the fitting value for your time invested and experience the true meaning of an adventure. The best part is that you can play for free on your PC or even on your mobile phone with just a simple click on the download button.
There you have it! Hopefully, we helped with answering your uncertainties regarding why playing OSRS in 2020 and we expect to see you on the fields of Gielinor.


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