Best Integrated Windows Apps for 2020

It seems that there is an app for everything. Are you looking for a timer that tells you when to use the bathroom during a movie? Perhaps you need lists of conversation starters? There’s an app for both of those and more. 

With this explosion of variety in the world of apps, there has been a more significant push toward integration. This integration is valuable because it allows you, the user, to connect various parts of life under a straightforward network. 

Apps that integrate various functions under a single system are likely to be the most successful in 2020. Here are some of the best to look out for in the coming year. 


On some entertainment streaming platforms, there is an endless list of movies and shows, making it hard to pick just one. MUBI is a platform that is the exact opposite of this. It is a movie streaming service that uploads a limited number of movies, curated for film lovers. 

From classics to new film festival releases, curators create a unique list of movies with which audiences can connect. Integrated within the platform is a community that discusses, reviews, and rates the film. This community provides a social platform for film lovers to engage and interact with each other. 

MUBI works on a wide range of devices, from phones up to laptops, so pretty much anyone can use it.

Netflix Party

While Netflix is a natural front-runner for entertainment streaming apps—with nearly 150 million subscribers worldwide and counting —its most recent innovation deserves special attention. Netflix Party unites individual content viewing with a social element. 

It allows users to watch a movie with their friends on other devices in real-time. Netflix Party also provides a chat so that users can share comments during the movie. This element brings together people who would otherwise be watching videos on their own. 

You also can customize parties with emojis and icons, and there is an added function of sharing screenshots and GIFs in the chat. 

A word of advice: a poor internet connection will make this app challenging to enjoy. Try looking into integrated packages such as internet deals from providers like Verizon Fios to get the best out of your movie night.

Your Phone

Sometimes simple is best. Your Phone embodies this by syncing your windows system with your phone. It thus lets you use your phone alongside your operating system. 

Syncing across phone and computer, Your Phone lets users back up files, text, call, and access photos from their phone on their laptop. 

Also, you get the benefit of a productive boost gained from having both phone and computer notifications appearing on your laptop. The integration means this app has ranked as the best productivity app in the Microsoft Store. 

In the overall best apps, Your Phone is in the top ten. This rating makes it one to look out for in 2020.


Keeper aims to simplify and help users through password management. The app’s easy-to-use interface hides the modern technology behind it. Not only is it available across devices, but it also integrates with Microsoft, Amazon, and other login systems. 

The app is useful on a family level, or you can scale up for businesses looking to manage passwords for multiple employees on different levels. 

The excellent ratings on the Microsoft Store will give the security-conscious good reason to try Keeper for themselves.

Final Thoughts

The future of apps is in their ability to integrate. Apps like Netflix or Whatsapp have existed for a long time and face fierce competition. However, their ability to adapt to the trends in the tech world has meant they have survived and thrived. Integration is the trend to focus on in a connected world, and these apps are the ones demonstrating how to do it.


Nick is a Software Engineer. He has interest in gadgets and technical stuffs. If you are facing any problem with your Windows, feel free to ask him.


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