If you want to make your Windows 8.1 tablet a notebook then Waycom has a solution for you. It has launched an application that turns your Surface Pro 3 or any Windows 8.1 tablet into a notebook. The name of the application is Bamboo Paper. Well the tablet will work like a paper, hence the name. The app provides a number of virtual pens to scribble notes, paint and draw.

Bamboo Paper app can turn a Windows 8.1 tablet into a notebook

Wacom says, “Our zoom function allows you to draw or write precise lines to fit more notes onto the page. Wacom’s vector based ink engine provides the best drawing and writing quality on Windows 8.” There will be plenty of customization options. You can insert pictures in the notes and share with friends over Dropbox, Evernote, Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook. Waycom is offering new freebies for a limited period of time. The freebies come in the form of exciting drawing tools which go away if you uninstall the app. They are making available all premium writing and drawing tools for free. Download the app now to get the maximum out of Bamboo Paper at Windows Store.


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