Microsoft has incorporated Storage Sense in Windows 10 Ceators Update. Storage Sense is a dynamic feature that wipes off your machine’s temporary files. It can clear up the Recycle Bin and remove all those files from the the past 30 days. This is an immensely useful feature as users do not have to remember to clear these files. As a matter of fact, most of the users do not want to take the hazard of manually deleting the temporary files. In fact, many users are not aware how to delete temporary files. Hence, Storage Sense is a pretty good feature. If you want you can enable it or disable the feature.

Now with the new update getting incorporated in the Fall Creators Update, Storage Sense is getting remvamped. The app is becoming smarter. It can now automatically delete files from the downloads folder that are over 30 days old.
Storage Sense on current Windows Insider builds has included a new functionality that can automatically delete files from the Downloads folder provided they’ve been there for more than 30 days. SO if your Downloads folder is full of trash items that you are not getting time to delete, Storage Sense will do it for you. The new update has going to force you to keep it clean.

Steps to Automatically Delete Files From The Downloads Folder In Windows 10

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1. First you have to enable Storage Sense. So open the Start Menu and go to Settings.

2. Go to System.

3. Click on Storage. In the right panel you will find Storage Sense in the right panel. Tap on it to enable it.

4. Next, click the ‘Change how we free up space’ option under it.

5. You will be redirected to the options screen for Storage Screen. Th

6. You will come across the option ‘Delete files in the Downloads folder that haven’t changed in 30 days’ option. Tap on it to enable it.


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