Archos has recently announced its country-wide education program in France Grand Digital for Schools Project where it plans to distribute Windows 8.1 tablets and notebooks to middle and high schools in France at a reduced rate. It plans on offering Windows 8.1 9-inch tablets for €200 (Rs.14000), 10-inch tablets for €250 (Rs.17500), and a 14-inch notebook for €300 (Rs.21000) with pre-installed programs depending upon each individual school’s preferences and needs.

Archos Grand Digital for Schools Project

Archos is a French multinational electronics company that was established in 1988 by Henri Crohas which manufactures portable media players and portable data storage devices. It is an innovator in bringing mobile and connected multimedia devices to the market. The company has introduced several industry firsts and maintains an inventive approach to product development. Archos is represented subsidiaries in France, US, UK, Germany and China.
Archos plans to release more information about its Grand Digital for Schools Project plans in March.

Meanwhile, here are some of the features that Archos will include on their tablets and notebooks for students:

 Applications Kiosk: The educator can easily access content adapted to their curriculum and lessons.

 Preloaded Content: ARCHOS will let each academy create their own digital work space by preloading on each tablet or computer links to their own work space.

 Fleet Management: solutions adapted to allow local administrators to manage the installed tablet or notebook remotely.


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