Tiles in Windows Phone 8 used to be updated every half an hour and now like every feature, this one is also enhanced in Windows Phone 8.1. Tiles in Windows Phone 8.1 are updated every 1 minute. Now the question may arise that if this update causes unnecessary battery consumption. This is to relieve you that in order to prevent excessive drainage of energy apps like Clock Hub and TimeMe have been launched. In addition to this app, a neat analog clock is present.

App adds analog clock to your Windows Phone 8.1 Start screen

Analog Clock Tile can be downloaded from Store and you can pin the app to your Start screen. Now only small and medium Tiles are supported bt the app but work is being done to include wide tiles. Clocks are already present in a Windows Phones with features like Glance, Lock screen and one in the system bar. Lumia 1520 sometimes offset your design and performs really good. Analog Clock is a universal application and it can be expected to arrive on Windows Phone 8.1 very soon.


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